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Simos Papaspyrou: Ney and vocals

 Maria Terzaki: Vocals and percussion

Giannis Dermitzakis: Ud

​Saturday 25/5/2024 | Time 21:00 Ananda Unity 10 Sfittion Street, Athens

Door close at 21:30

☆Entrance: 10 euros

IMG_20231020_091119_213 (1).jpg

On Saturday 21/10/2023, Giannis Dermitzakis, Malama Patreli, Manolis Kanakakis and Anthi Fourki live at Teke in Nea Alatsata, Heraklion at 19:00


Workshop on Greek repertoire and development of modal improvisation

This workshop will focus on the performance and analysis of repertoire from the Greek musical tradition, and more specifically from Asia Minor, the Smyrna school of Rebetiko, the Aegean islands, Pontus, Thrace, Macedonia, and compositions by Greek composers of Istanbul.
Through the modal and rhythmic analysis of the pieces, ways of developing improvisation (taksim) will be decoded.
Participants will have the opportunity to come in contact with repertoire from many different musical traditions of Greece, thus discovering the different styles and the abundance of rhythmic patterns that govern them, while at the same time they will attempt to develop a structured improvisation by observing the oral rules that characterize the modal music system of the makam.
The workshop is open to all musical instruments and voices.
The reading of simple (monophonic) music scores is desirable.
Saturday 2.12.
10.00 - 13.00 and 14.00-17.00
Sunday 3.12.
11.00-14.00 and 15.00- 18.00
Fee: 160 euro,
early bird (until 10.11.) 140 euro
students & unemployed: 125 euro
Infos:, 0178 3143174

Giannis Dermitzakis | Dimitis Kampolis at Ploumi
On Saturday, August 26 2023, Giannis Dermitzakis and Dimitris Kampolis will present a program of modern and old musical compositions for oud and lyre at the Plumi Cooperative Cafe in Archanes at 21:00
Giannis Dermitzakis | Ilias Markantonis at Ploumi (Archanes)
On Sunday July 30 2023 Giannis Dermitzakis meets Ilias Markantonis, in a musical performance with two lutes and a clarinet. A presentation of tunes and songs about forms of the Eastern musical tradition, their personal compositions and compositions of contemporary performers

Plumi Cooperative Cafe in Archanes at 21:00
πλουμι μαρκαν.jpg
Giannis Dermitzakis | Malama Patreli | Themis Polyzoakis | Anthi Fourki at Ploumi (Archanes)
On Friday March 30 | 2023 Giannis Dermitzakis, Malama Patreli, Themis Polyzoakis and Anthi Fourki live at the Plumi Cooperative Cafe in Archanes at 21:00

triptyco malama.jpg
Mediterra Sound & Soul: Oud Voice Percussion

New live concert at Triptyco with the trio Giannis Dermitzakis, Malama Patreli & Anthe Fourki


 Where the sounds of Turkey and Greece are never separate but unite in the making of people.
Songs in both languages will be interpreted by the young and talented Malama Patreli reminding us the parallel roads in the creative forms that both civilisations have drawn in the East Mediterranean.

Wednesday 26 April at 9pm
Booking open
Reservations between 1-7pm over the phone 6944909720

Kanarini Berlin seminars

On May 6 & 7, 2023 Giannis Dermitzakis will give a seminar on the development of free improvisation (taximi) at the music school Kanarini - Greek Music School Berlin in Berlin, while at the same time Glafkos Smarianakis on the theme of Aegean music.

Thanks to Kanarini: Griechische Musikschule Berlin / Greek Music School Berlin and Aspa Anogiati for the invitation.

Concerts will be held on those days and will be announced soon.

For more details | registrations on the website:

Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο Ηρακλείου
Support event for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria at the Heraklion Cultural Conference Center
On Thursday 23/03/2023, the event of solidarity with the earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria "If half my heart" was held, co-organized by the educational unions together with the Deputy Mayor of Volunteering & Youth of the Municipality of Heraklion and the beneficiaries of the program of the University of Crete " The art of rhythm in education" implemented in collaboration with DI.KE.H.

The musicians collaborated on stage:

Giannis Papatzanis, Isidoros Vardaros, Giannis Dermitzakis, Malama Patreli, Anthi Fourki, Irini Amanaki and the beneficiaries of the program "The art of rhythm in education". 
Mediterra Sound & Soul: Giannis Dermitzakis & Manolis Kanakakis

The Triptyco space for creators opens its doors in Heraklion, in Crete, in the world, with collaborations, music, new, unexpected  experiments.

This first semester until August 2023 we will host creators with the theme of Root/Drying from the self, the generation, the history, the place, the familiar. How do we respond as artists of all forms of expression to the search for new roots, to the loss and denial of roots, to the reconstruction of what we think we are.

Gannis Dermitzakis | oud

Manolis Kanakakis | kanun


Concert Duration: 9-10.30pm

Ticket Presale: Triptyco 1st floor, 11am - 1pm

Presale online:

Μανώλης Κανακάκης Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης Manolis Kanakakis Giannis Dermitzakis
Νεκτάριος Παχιαδάκης, Κυβέλη Σεργίου, Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης

Giannis Dermitzakis | Nektarios Pachiadakis | Kyveli Sergiou in Plumi

Saturday, March 4
Nektarios Pachiadakis and Kyveli Sergiou (Eran music group) will collaborate with Giannis Dermitzakis at the Ploumi Cooperative Cafe in Archanes at 21:00

Nektarios Pachiadakis | Cretan lyra
Kyveli Sergiou | Percussion and Cretan lute
Gannis Dermitzakis | Oud

Giannis Dermitzakis | Manolis Kanakakis at the PouKouVou  Cafe

Manolis Kanakakis: Kanun and vocals | Giannis Dermitzakis: Oud

Eastern Mediterranean tunes & songs

Sunday 15/01/23 | Time 21:00
PouKouVou Cooperative Cafe

Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης & Μανώλς Κανακάκης
πνευματικό κέντρο Χανίων

Musical theater performance "Micrasia Haire"

On the occasion of the completion of the commemorative year for the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster, the Region of Crete-Regional Unit of Chania presents the musical theater performance entitled "Mikrasia Haire" by the Theater Group and Choir of the Brotherhood of Asia Minor "Agios Polykarpos", on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at 21:00, at the Spiritual Center of Chania.

Manolis Kanakakis (piano-kanun)

Michalis Kotis (lute-guitar)

Giannis Dermitzakis (oud)

Nina Papafragou (percussion)

Kostis Makakis (violin)

Presentation of the Triptyco Mediterranean School of Dramatic Art

Many thanks to Triptyco for the hospitality, we wish you a good start on this trip. The musical part of the evening consisted exclusively of personal compositions by Giannis Dermitzakis.

Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud & compositions
Vasiliki Schoina - Ney
Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης - Ούτι _ Βασιλική Σχοινά - Νέυ
Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης - Ούτι Βασιλική Σχοινά - Νέυ
Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης - Ούτι Βασιλική Σχοινά - Νέυ
πλουμι κυριακηn.jpg
Giannis Dermitzakis - Manolis Kanakakis - Kostis Makakis

On Sunday 13/11/2022 at Ploumi project at 20:30 p.m.

Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud 
Manolis Kanakakis - Kanun & vocals
Kostis Makakis - Violin and vocals
Συνέδριο 100 χρόνια Μικρασιάτες στην Κρήτη στο Θέατρο Μίκης Θεοδωράκης στα Χανιά
Choir of Asia Minor Agios Polykarpos 
Concert with the Choir of Asia Minor of Chania "Agios Polykarpos" held at the Firka fortress in the old port of Chania on 31/07/2022

Conductor of orchestra and choir: Georgia Rakopoulou

Isidoros Vardaros - Violin
Fanis Kousiunelos - Kanun
Gannis Dermitzakis - Oud
Nina Rakopoulou - Bendir
Dimitris Kampolis and Giannis Dermitzakis on Wednesday 20/07/22 at Halikouti, Rethymno
Dimitris Kampolis - Kemence
Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud

Instrumental tunes of Classical Ottoman music & contemporary modal compositions
Giannis Dermitzakis, Glafkos Smarianakis, Thimios Bardamaskos and Fanis Karousos at Ploumi in Archanes 

Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud

Glafkos Smarianakis - Violin & vocals

Thimios Bardamaskos - Bouzouki & vocals

Fanis Karousos - Santouri

Giannis Dermitzakis, Glafkos Smarianakis, Thimios Bardamaskos and Giorgos Stavrakis at Mousiko kelari 

Tunes from Asia Minor, rebetiko and the Aegean islands

Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud

Glafkos Smarianakis - Violin & vocals

Thimios Bardamaskos - Bouzouki & vocals

Giorgos Stavrakis - Guitar & vocals

Giannis Dermitzakis, Thymios Bardamaskos & Akis Pitsanis
On Friday 22/06/22 at Ploumi, in Archanes, on 20:30 p.m.
The positive effect of music on mental and emotional health 
Event on the occasion of Pan-European Music Day
Tuesday 21/06/2022 in the central Kapi of the Municipality of Rethymno.
With the power of Speech and Music, the Municipality of Rethymno - the Elderly Department and the Community Center of its Social Service in honor of the Pan-European Music Day in collaboration with the Music Cinema Theater Laboratory of the Department of Philology of the University of Crete.

The event, which includes two short speeches and a musical performance, seeks to connect music with the mental and intellectual health of people of all ages, making it experientially visible to participants. Speakers at the event are Ms. Patousi Athanasia / Neurologist, on "Music and Dementia" and Mr. Kastrinakis Konstantinos / General Practitioner, on "The Impact of Music on Depression".

The event will be accompanied by music from the beneficiaries participating in the program "The art of rhythm in education", which has been co-organized by the Region of Crete and the University of Crete.

The following musicians collaborate with them on stage:

George Zacharioudakis (wind instruments)

Dimitris Sideris (lute)

Giannis Dermitzakis (oud)

Isidoros Vardaros (violin) 

Fanis Karousos (santouri) 

Aliki Atsalaki (vocals) 

Eftychia Tsoukala  (vocals) 

Katerina Zacharopoulou (vocals) 

Anthi Fourki (percussion) 

Giannis Papatzanis (percussion)

The entrance is free.

The organizers invite their fellow citizens and visitors to enjoy the experience of intimacy, peace and mental empowerment offered by music and harmonious human coexistence.

Republished from Rethemniotika nea

Giannis Dermitzakis, Kostis Makakis and Manolis Tzanakis at Oropediou Gefseis in Tzermiado, Lassithi.

On Sunday, June 12, at 15:00, Giannis Dermitzakis, Kostis Makakis and Manolis Tzanakis at Oropediou Gefseis in Tzermiado, Lassithi.


Songs and tunes from Polis, Smyrna, Crete and the islands.

εραν [αρασκευη απεριττον.jpg
Giannis Dermitzakis, Vangelis Fanourakis and the band Eran
On Friday, June 10, 2020 at 21:30 in Ierapetra at Aperitton Cafe with Vangelis Fanourakis and the band Eran (Nektarios Pachiadakis and Kyveli Sergiou)

Nektarios Pachiadakis - Cretan lyre and song

Kyveli Sergiou - Song and percussion

Vangelis Fanourakis - Cretan lute & Bulgari

Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud
Giannis Dermitzakis - Manolis Kanakakis - Kostis Makakis

On Friday 3/36/2022 at Ploumi project at 20:30 p.m.

Giannis Dermitzakis - Oud 

Manolis Kanakakis - Kanun & vocals 

Kostis Makakis - Violin, vocals and Cretan lyre

Presentations of the workshops of DIPETHE Crete


Experimental Amateur Stage (director Maria Gaitanidi) "Study in Chekhov in 3 acts" Sunday 29 and Monday 30 May, Villa Koundourou at 20:00

"..I believe that everything will gradually change on earth - they have already begun to change before our eyes. After two hundred, three hundred or even a thousand years - it does not matter - there will be a new, happy life. We, of course, do not manage to make her happy, but for her we live, work and toil, we try to create her. " Versinin, Act II."

The Experimental Amateur Scene opens the doors to a process that explores the possibility of artistic creation in the now, with the spontaneity of the diversity of human nature. A. Chekhov's Three Sisters offer the thematic basis of the research through the dream, the unfulfilled desires and the personal work that each and every one of us is called to do in order to come perhaps one day closer to completion.


Participants: Sotiria Konta, Despina Giannaraki, Anna Hachopoulou, Angeliki Zoumbekli, Nikos Haritakis, George Manogiannakis, Giannis Hatzidakis


Music Composition - Oud: Giannis Dermitzakis

Musical workshop of East Meditteranean traditions
This musical workshop will focus on repertoire of East Meditteranean musical traditions as well as on contemporary compositions. Through the analysis of  rythmical patterns and musical modes of the East Meditteranean traditions (Makam), ways of developing instrumental imrovisation will be presented. The workshop will take place at "The Hub Heraklion" (Vasilogiorgi 9, Herakleion), every Monday at 20:00 - 21:00.
TaPRA 2021 conference, Project: Ερωφίλη – Παρτιτούρα (Erofili – Score): practical experiments with an oud and a voice
On 6th-10th of September 2021 , in colaboration with director / performer Maria Gaitanidi will give a presentation of our project: ¨Ερωφίλη - παρτιτούρα (Erofili - score), practical experiments with an oud and a voice¨, on TaPRA 2021 conference, which will be hosted online in partnership with Liverpool Hope University. More details about the full conference programme soon.

Lessons Online and Live at Heraklion, Crete

The lesson focuses on the basic technique elements of the oud, through specific exercises and the phrasing material of the instrument's repertoire. In addition, makam theory will be approached, as well as instrumental improvisation, known as taksim.

Rythmology and Modal improvisation on East Meditteranian musical traditions: 
Analysis of rythmical patterns and musical scales of the East Meditteranean traditions. The most important elements of modal music will be approached in order to develop instumental improvisation. This lessson is open to all musical instruments.
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