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Tarab - Kurdilihicazkar longa (Live in Theatro Kato)

Tarab was founded in 2015 by Themis Polizoakis, Eleanna Papanikolopoulou, Manolis Tzanakis and Giannis Dermitzakis. The name "Tarab" is borrowed from the Arab Tradition and iti means "the ecstatic feeling created by music". Tarab's main research focuses on songs from Smyrne, Instabull, the Aegean islands, Crete and Thrace, also works on the own compositions, improvisation techniques and tunes from the broaded Anatolian World. They have performed mainly in Crete , Athens and the Aegean islands. They have recorded an ensemble of traditional songs.

Tarab - Hicaz Makedon (Live in Theatro Kato)
Tarab - Το γεφύρι της Δράμας (Live in Theatro Kato)
Tarab - Bayati Semai (Live in Theatro Kato)
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